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Q I have forgotten my password, What should I do?

If you have forgotten your password, click here. Enter your Email ID and Submit.

You will receive a link in your email to reset your password. Follow the link and you will be able to get the password.


Q Do I need to crate an account to place an order?

No, its optional, but Recommended for ease of shopping and sytem benefits.

Register with us and you'll be able to enjoy the following benefits through your Amethyst account:

- Track your orders and review past purchases.

- Save your address, so you can shop even quicker next time.

- Manage your account details, address book and email preferences.

Q How to place an order or make purchase?

If you know what you are looking at, then directly type the text(keyword) in the search box, it will search the entire website and will return you the products matching to you enterd keyword.

Quick View: Quick view is functionality designed for our customers, to see the product snapshot on the listing page without leaving the page, to view the complete detail, click on product Image or the product name, clicking would take you to the detail page, where you can see the entire detail of the product.

For Shopping: Click on Add to Cart Button on Product detail page or Click on animated Cart Icon ,this will add your product to your Shopping Cart.

Checkout: Any time to check out click on Cart Icon on the top right hand side, it will take you to your Shopping Cart, there follow the screen instruuction.


Q Is it safe to use Credit Card online at Amethyst?

At Amethyst, your personal online security is important to us.

We have partnered payU, India's leading payment gateway, which uses encryption technology to store and safely transmit your personal and credit card information through our systems. All orders are processed through a secure checkout system. There system is PCI Compliant, Additionally, for your safety and protection, we will confirm that the billing address you provide matches the address on file with your credit card company.